Site Partner Requirements

Step One

Designate a primary contact person to act as the liaison for the SmileMobile visit. The liaison will identify additional champions to work with to support the development of the site with the SmileMobile staff. The liaison and champions are key and does require a time commitment to ensure the site is successful and fully utilized.

Step Two

Promote the SmileMobile Visit (4 – 6 weeks prior to visit)

The SmileMobile staff will provide the oral health expertise and treatment. We rely heavily on the site partner and community organizations to promote the upcoming visit. Here are a few suggestions for promoting the upcoming:

  • Post and provide the SmileMobile flyers to children and pregnant women
  • Use the school auto-dialer, website, newsletter and reader/bulletin boards
  • School events prior to visit
  • WIC or medical appointments
  • Social media through the school, community organizations
  • Other ideas?

Step Three

Identify and Recruit Patients (3 – 4 weeks prior to visit)

The SmileMobile has capacity to see 70+ children for one week and 100+ for two weeks. Please use the following criteria:

  • Age range & population: birth up through high school age and pregnant women
  • Free & Reduced lunch program
  • Apple Health or uninsured
  • Currently do not have a dentist

Step Four

Recruit Volunteers and Identify Waiting Room/Area (3-4 weeks prior to visit)

The site partner needs to identify an intake area for families to register and fill out their paper work. It needs to have the following: private room or building, large table, 4-6 chairs, wastebasket, electrical outlets for copier, access to a bathroom (disabled). We value and need volunteers to assist with patient in-take, escort families to and from the van and provide interpreting during examinations and treatment. Background checks are required through the site partners.

Step Five

SmileMobile Physical Requirements and Security

The SmileMobile will arrive the weekend before or the day of the visit and stay in one location the duration of the visit.

  • The SmileMobile is 39’ long, 12’ high and 2 slide-outs 14’ wide (fully extended)
  • Level parking lot and surface; preferably concrete or asphalt
  • Waste – on site dumpster (for compacted non-hazardous waste only)
  • Water – tap water via hose bib
  • Security – a secure site, preferably with light and restricted evening access.

Request local law enforcement to provide surveillance during the visit.