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Access to Baby & Child Dentistry

Every child deserves healthy teeth!  The Access to Baby and Child Dentistry program — ABCD — puts young children on a lifelong path to good oral health. ABCD connects low-income families with dentists who know how to care for young kids, preventing tooth decay early and educating parents about how to take good care of their children’s teeth.

The Mighty Mouth

The Mighty Mouth is a campaign to build social norms around the benefits of preventing oral disease and to deliver the message that oral health is essential to overall health

Seattle Children's Hospital

We believe every child deserves to live the healthiest and most fulfilling life possible.

Arcora Foundation

Funded by nonprofit Delta Dental of Washington, we believe everyone deserves good oral health, with nobody left behind. Equity drives our work. We are improving oral health by partnering with communities and boldly transforming systems.

Water Fluoridation for a Healthy Washington

Community water fluoridation is an American standard and one of our top achievements in public health because of its ability to prevent tooth decay in children and improve the oral health of people of all ages.